2023 Mind Health Report

New understanding Brings new hope

24% fewer women

24% fewer women

24% fewer women than men reached peak mind health. 1 in 3 women say they have been subjected to inappriopriate remarks and 40 % feel their skills have been questions simply because of their gender.

More than 1 in 3

More than 1 in 3

More than one in three young people, aged 18-24, believe that addiction to technology and social networks have a negative impact on their well-being.

3 times more

3 times more

Employees are 3 times more likely to thrive if they work at a company that offers mental health support.


Our Mind Health Index and study is a tool for assessing and promoting mind health. It provides a way of gauging people’s current mental state and, for those who aren’t doing so well, identifies steps they can take that may help them improve. Further, it allows us to plot fluctuations in mind health over time.

“Despite our complex environments, the mental health of those surveyed is gradually improving. In this context, AXA is fully fulfilling its role as a responsible company by supporting its employees and accompanying its clients: this is our business.”

Antimo Perretta

CEO AXA Europe and Latin America

The Mind Health States

Our index looks at what positive or negative emotions people are experiencing and the impact these are having on their state of mind. The index then places people in one of four categories – from struggling mentally on one end to flourishing at the top.


Flourishing represents the pinnacle of good mind health. Classified by a Mind Health Index score greater than 75%. Flourishing individuals do well across a range of mental wellbeing determinants and outcomes.

Getting by

Getting by describes those who may have some areas of good wellbeing but not enough to reach the state of flourishing. Those getting by may experience a dampened sense of wellbeing compared to those who are flourishing.


Languishing represents the absence of positive wellbeing. If you are languishing you are not functioning at full capacity, you may feel unmotivated and struggle to focus. Those who are languishing are at an increased risk of developing mental illness.


The absence of wellbeing in most areas is likely to result in struggling and difficulty. Struggling is associated with emotional distress and psychosocial impairment.

2023 Mind Health index

Global Index

Of those surveyed globally our 2023 index found:

  • Flourishing
  • Getting by
  • Languishing
  • Struggling

10 Skills as a path to flourishing

Our research suggests that, to flourish, at least eight of the 10 skills are needed. With self acceptance, being the most important skill to flourishing. An individual’s mind health category – flourishing, getting by, languishing and struggling – depends on how many of these skills they have, and how strong they are in each. These are not fixed states - it’s possible to identify the lifestyle changes needed to bring about flourishing mental health.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional quotient, or emotional intelligence, describes a person's ability to understand and manage their emotions. This includes skills such as Self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, social awareness and social skills. A higher EQ can improve lifelong physical and mental health.

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